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The Water Box Ltd.

The Water Box™

The Water Box™

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The Water Box is an innovative and reliable livestock waterer. Its unique design keeps water open during the winter while direct watering on a dugout, slough or lake. The Water Box is easily utilized by cattle and easily maintained by ranchers. The Water Box eliminates the daily chore of chopping ice and ensures the herd stays hydrated in the coldest Canadian temps! 

The Water Box comes equipped with a mineral tub insert.
Made in Alberta, Canada.
Energy-free livestock waterer
100% Portable. Ideal for remote ranchlands
Eliminates the chore of chopping ice
24/hr access to drinking water





Crafted of Poly & Insulation.

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The Water Box Dimensions:

20 inches wide x 24 inches long, 66 inches high

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laurie Vidal
Energy free watering!

We have used The Water Box now for 3 years to water 20- 30 bulls all winter. We didn't have to worry about power or cloudy days with a solar system. Also it is portable so we can use in a different dugout if we decide to move pastures. Best part of it is the 30 seconds it takes to check and clean out if required on cold days! After installing and getting the bulls used to it(which took 3-5 days) I never seen a bull drink and they were never waiting for a drink when I went to feed them!

Brad Hamilton

Once I had our Water Box I got it installed and was amazed how simple it was to install, of course the first time I learned what not to do for next time. We started the training period on our herd of 200 head and our cattle took to it like a horse takes to oats. Within the first day our older cattle were using to no problem and by day three we had cattle using it themselves at night after we'd close the lid. Our training period didn't take the full week as they took to it so well. Proving me wrong for being sceptical on how well it would work. With the cold winter the most ice I ever had on it was about 3/4 of an inch. Also with the cold weather our dugout froze down and I had to move it out farther onto the ice, once again I was amazed how easy to was to remove and reinstall. The first time I removed and reinstalled it took me 45 minutes start to finish. At this time I thought it would be a good test for our cattle cause as I was putting the box in the new hole the old hole filled up with water again and I was shocked to see our cattle line up and wait for a turn at the Water Box instead of drinking out of the open hole of water.
The greatest benefits of a water box are that cattle have 24 hour access to water, this creates another bonus that your whole herd isn't standing on the dugout waiting for you to open a hole, which then leads to less bossing and pushing around on the ice. We hardly had any lame/sore cattle this winter from them pushing around at the water hole. Our cattle would line up and wait their turn at the water box and the most that were ever usually around it was 5-6 cause they had 24 hour access to water. The biggest thing that enticed me to the water box was the simplicity of it. My wife and I ranch with my parents and my father is getting older and can't swing and axe to open a hole anymore I also have and off the ranch job so many nights or mornings I was driving to the ranch just to open the water hole. Once we got our water box Dad could maintain it day to day with me going every 4-5 days and giving it a good cleaning and scrape out. Until you see A Water Box operating first hand you can't fully understand how amazing and low maintenance they are !

Don Hamilton
Glen Mangels - Jordan River Charolais

To Lee Smith. I have been working and around cattle going on 60 years now! In that time I have saw cowboys invent and build things that make our life and work easier and less stressful but I will have to say that the Water Box is at the top of my list as a great asset to have! I no longer need to be chopping ice every morning but also it is a benefit to my cows as they can access the water hole 24 hrs a day all on there own ! We had to find alternative water sources for our cows to drink this winter as the drought has left our main dugout very low this year.
After I talked to Lee about a Water Box I wanted to try one in a small creek on our farm. As it turned out there was one close and put it in about 14 inches of ice with 3 feet of water below. It only took 4 to 5 days of tying the insulated lid open at various stages to get our cows trained to open the lid to access the water Now when I go over to the cows they are not all bunched up on the ice waiting for me to chop the water hole open. They are strung out in a line from feed with small bunches drinking!
No more chopping ice and happy cows! Thank You Lee for making my life better !!

Don Hamilton

I’m Don Hamilton from Kyle, SK. We installed a water box on Dec 24 th to water 10 bulls . It took about 20 minutes to put in. The ice was approximately 20 inches thick the temperature was minus 25. On the first day , we left the opening on the lid about a quarter way open to train these bulls and in no time at all they were all drinking . I left it closed the next night it was -35 I checked the box in the morning there was just a skim of ice , and the bulls came up and drank after they were grained . I stuck around and watched them and they all had no problem with the lid -this morning it was 40 below I thought there’s going to be a lot of ice but there was just a light skim. There will be another water box coming to this place for sure , we are more than satisfied with this investment.


This was my first year using the water box. We have it on a dugout watering 4 bulls and it's been a life changer! Haven't chopped ice once this year. -40 to - 50 and there's still open water. My grandparents can maintain the water box with ease.